Danko Jones on the Radio Rock Boat @DankoJones

Hi all

Living up here in Finland during the winter can be a bit harsh, so its always nice to get out and see a few gigs. To go one better than that is to jump on the Radio Rock Finland (@radiorocksuomi) cruise and get to see loads of bands all under the same roof 🙂

My mate Jamie joined me on the cruise and you can see his musings on his blog. You can tell we don’t get out much 🙂

This winter the line up was Danko Jones, Amaranthe, Mokoma and many others, so it promised to be a good little cruise.


I had the privilege to be invited onto the Danko Jones party so it was good to hang out with Danko, John and Rich for the next 24 hours. The cruise kicked off at 16:00 with boarding and then at 17:00 it was sound check, let me say that as a LOUD sound check. I will say that Cory (Roadie) did one hell of a job, the sound during the gig was spot on.!


The bands kicked off around 20:00, but the first band I saw was Amaranthe, my mate Jamie convinced me this was a must see band – TBH he was dead on.! We got backstage met the band and got some great GoPro footage that I will post up in a separate review 🙂


Back to Danko Jones, they entered the stage close to midnight, the crowd had been warmed up and were at fever pitch all they needed was some good ole Rock n’ Roll – Danko Jones would not disappoint.!

If you have never seen Danko Jones live you are missing out on one of the most spectacular bands live, seriously.! The intensity, the interaction with the crowd and just the raw energy that emits from the stage.! You really have to be there to “get” Danko Jones.!

Here is a shot just as they came on stage and licked off with “Wild Woman” (track 1 on Fire Music)


A shot from the second song “The Twisting Knife” (also second track on the album)


Close to the end they played “Full Of Regret”


Last shot was from the final track of the night “Gonna Be A Fight Tonight”


The set list was awesome since it was the first time music from the new album (Fire Music) was played live.

  • Wild Woman
  • The Twisting Knife
  • Die, Die My Darling (Metallica cover)
  • Samuel Sin
  • Forget My Name
  • Do You Wanna Rock
  • Had Enough
  • First Date
  • Play the Blues
  • Watch You Slide
  • Code of the Road
  • Legs
  • Invisible
  • Wait a Minute
  • Full of Regret
  • Lovercall
  • Gonna Be A Fight Tonight

Fantastic set list by Danko Jones, I could have listened to them all night TBH.!

It was getting pretty late by this stage so it was either “go to bed” or meet up with the band and the Radio Rock crew for a few drinks… bit of a no brainer really – a picture speaks a thousand words.

Sunday was the chance to listen to the new album Fire Music before its launch in a few days time. The band, to their credit, played the whole album and them chatted to the fans afterwards.


The rest of Sunday was a chance to meet all the other bands and just hang out, which was really cool.

This 24 hours must go donw and one of the most spectacular when it comes to gigs, being able to listen to so much music, mix with the bands and hang out with the Radio Rock crew.! So a big thanks to Danko, John, Rich, Matias and the whole Radio Rock crew

…until next time.


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